“All the Possibilities of Filling In Ninths”  ca. 1975 oil + pencil on linen 60” x 144”  private collection  photo attributed to Vernon Pratt
 ‘Still Life’s #3-54’ ca. 1969 oil on canvas 18” x 24” (individual panels)  As displayed in a 1970 exhibition at The Duke University Art Museum (pre- Nasher Museum of Art )  photo attributed to Vernon Pratt  These  ‘Still Life’ paintings are particularly unique in Vernon’s larger body  of work as while many of his large works are comprised of  smaller panels (to be displayed as a whole), these paintings themselves are individual works and not necessarily designed to be displayed entirely together. Thus these individual paintings are the perfect counterpoint to Pratt’s ‘ALL THE POSSIBILITIES OF FILLING IN SIXTEENTHS  (65,536)’ which is a single painting comprised of 256 individual panels  measuring over 1534 sf (currently exhibited at  The Gregg Museum of Art & Design  until February 10, 2019)  1/2 of these paintings are in the permanent collection of  The North Carolina Museum of Art  while the other panels are in a private collection.
 ‘ALL THE POSSIBILITIES OF FILLING IN SIXTEENTHS (65,536)’ as shown at  NCSU Gregg Museum of Art & Design  (Oct. 2018 – Feb. 2019)   After spending nearly two years in our basement (and 30+ years in an unconditioned warehouse), this painting was restored and displayed for the first time ever due to its size during this exhibit (even the artist never saw it displayed completely). The painting is made up of 256 individual panels measuring a total of 1534 sf. While originally planned to be 16 panels tall x 16 panels wide (+/- 36’ x 42-6’), this installation was shown at an astounding 18' x 110' +/- (including spaces between panels). It was truly unlike anything we’d ever seen before, heard about, and/or will likely ever see again (until we find the next museum to display it or give it a permanent home at least).    THIS PAINTING IS CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR A PERMANENT HOME WITHIN A MAJOR MUSEUM COLLECTION  . Please contact us for further information.   *Images courtesy of    Keith Isaacs    © 2019
 Gradients series: “73 Grays”, “37 Grays”, “19 Grays”, and “10 Grays” ca. 1974-1976 exact measurements are unknown however all range between 17-6’ and 20’ in length and 2” and 20” in height  photo attributed to Vernon Pratt    “73  Grays”, “37 Grays”, and “19 Grays”    (top three pictured)    ARE AVAILABLE FOR MUSEUM DONATION     (some restoration needed). “10 Grays” whereabouts  are unknown.
   **Photo by David A. Page © 2018 North Carolina Arts Council